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Green Burials - Have you thought about a Woodland Burial?

Have you thought about a Woodland Burial?

In response to enquiries from several Parishioners, Bere Ferrers Parish Council is considering setting up a woodland burial site in the Parish and has set up a steering committee to consider options and gauge demand.

A woodland burial is one which promotes nature by (for example):

  • Planting lots of native trees and shrubs between the graves and around the site.

  • Only using biodegradable coffins and shrouds.

  • Avoid ornaments which consume natural resources, such as headstones.

  • Avoiding chemicals, such as embalming fluids and artificial flowers.

We need land and subscribers:

For the enterprise to succeed, there are two essential requirements:

Acquisition of a small plot of land (5-10 acres) with reasonable vehicle access.  This will probably involve setting up a land purchase or lease option, but might be in the form of a bequest to the Parish Council.

A sufficient number of subscribers to cover set—up costs.  Once enough subscribers have come forward, the site will be opened for business to Bere Ferrers Parish residents and non-residents.

Community Benefit:

The enterprise will be non-profit making and run as a co-operative trust.  Once start-up costs have been recovered, it is the intention of the Steering Committee that the site will be passed to the Parish Council for permanent use, not just as a burial ground, but also as a countryside leisure amenity for parishioners and other visitors.  We would also like to encourage local cottage industries to help augment the site if this looks financially viable.

How can you help with the scheme?

You can help if you are a landowner who is looking to diversify through land sale/lease, or are sufficiently sympathetic to this cause to consider a bequest, or

You can help if you are a potential subscriber to the woodland burial scheme.

In either case, please leave your name and contact details (without obligation) with Bere Ferrers Parish Councils clerk (Mary Taylor on 01822 840748) or email: [email protected]