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Latest News

Dog Related Crime Advice 21/01/2021

(January 23, 2021)

Dog Related Crime

During 2020 Police in West Devon Police had 86 dog related crimes reported to them. These crimes break down into three sub-categories
1. Dogs not under control, these offences are generally when a dog which is at home either attacks or puts the victim in fear of attack. Our advice to dog owners, is please ensure you take all steps to ensure your dog is kept away from visitors, and if the dog has free access to your garden, ensure that visitors cannot enter any area which the dog has access to. You could keep the garden gate locked and provide telephone numbers for visitors or delivery drivers to call. This will allow you to get your dogs under control before allowing visitors access to the property
2.owners in charge of dogs dangerously out of control these offences fall into two categories, firstly when they have wandered away from the home and caused a problem with neighbours and secondly when they are out for a walk and attack a passer-by.
We would suggest to avoid these offences owners can ensure their property and gardens are dog proofed so they cannot escape to cause problems with neighbours if you have a large garden it maybe easier to enclose/fence in an area to keep costs to a minimum.
When out walking your dog please ensure you have it under control and if you are aware your dog dislikes people or other dogs purchase a muzzle.
The first two categories show the West Devon area have a similar number of offences as other areas in Devon and Cornwall but in the last Category our figures are much higher and account for over 18 percent of livestock worrying we need all dog owners to help us bring this figure down
3.livestock worrying. If a dog causes any animal to run it can be classed as livestock worrying the solution is simple please if out for a walk and there is any chance of livestock being present keep or place your dog on a lead. This is particularly important at this time of year when sheep are about to start lambing and are out on the moorland.
Please remember under certain circumstances a farmer witnessing a dog worrying and attacking their livestock can dispatch the dog if all reasonable steps to stop the dog have failed.
If your dog commits any of the above offence’s we are likely to issue a Dog Control order. If this order is breached, police can then look to escalate with up to and including a destruction order being issued.
We realise most dog owners are responsible and by taking the steps above the chances of your dog committing an offence will be greatly reduced.
Thank You.
West Devon Police

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